Join the Bioprocessing Conference Online
December 3rd 2020 | 10AM - 5PM GMT

The Bioprocessing Conference is a FREE to attend an online conference being held on December 3rd. The event will run live online from 10 am to 5 pm GMT. The sessions will also be available for download by participants following the event.

The inaugural Virtual Bioprocessing Conference, facilitated by ARTeSYN BioSolutions, will be taking place on December 3rd in a bespoke online forum. What separates this from many other industry conferences is that ARTeSYN are funding the logistics and coordinating the event with the help of Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR), IDA, and logistical support from Premier Publishing. This is an event where industry leaders can share the challenges and achievements of their respective efforts in next-generation drug development. There will be high-level introductions followed by an open table plenary session with many of the leaders of Ireland's Biopharma companies discussing the challenges and the future, as they see it.

There is a good reason why we are focused on Ireland this time. Employing 100,000 highly skilled workers in over 85 companies, the biopharmaceutical sector is one of the most impressive success stories within the Irish economy. Companies in this sector are spread throughout the regions, have significant infrastructural footprints and tend to be somewhat insular in their approach to collaborative engagement opportunities. Biopharma itself is a relatively young sector, with considerable challenges creating disruption at an international level. Developments such as cell and gene therapies, single-use processing, vaccines in a Covid world, biopharma automation and a myriad of other sectoral specific challenges will create substantial opportunities for engagement.